Why Humans Love Animals

Monday, December 24, 2012

Throughout history, no breed has anytime been as absorbed with its adolescent creatures as beastly beings. We accept bolter animals, eaten them, aloft them, bred them, calm them, fatigued them, composed songs and balladry about them, and admired them for millennia. But why? What is abaft this acute allure we've consistently had with added creatures, whether down-covered and admirable or alarming and dangerous--or both?

The thrill. Nothing compares with the adventure you get if you see a big beastly in its accustomed ambiance for the aboriginal time. We adulation the action of encountering bears, big cats, deer, eagles, owls, and added herbivores and predators. Even admitting it's brash to do this in the wild, we adulation to watch them unseen, our animation bent in our throats and our hearts abounding with wonder. Just seeing the majesty and ability of these arresting creatures already can be a life-changing experience. Another affair that makes an appointment with a ample beastly in the agrarian so memorable is the actuality that it's so rare--very few bodies accept the advantage of encountering these animals anywhere, let abandoned in the wild. We adulation to go to zoos to see big animals we'd never see in the wild, from a safe angle point abaft bottle or bars. Even seeing them in bondage can accord us the aforementioned faculty of excitement.

Curiosity. What do animals do if we're not looking? How do they behave if they're happy, sad, scared, angry, or hungry? How do they hunt, what do they eat, and what can they advise us about accepting alive? So abounding of us are agog for ability about animals and their lives. We wish to apperceive how they're agnate from us and how they're different. Maybe if we knew all there is to apperceive about added animals, we could bigger accept ourselves as a species--and accept a clearer account of area we came from. We adulation zoos and added beastly accessories for the befalling they accord us to apprentice about animals and see them close-up--some zoos even let you adumbration a administrator for a day. It's harder to acquisition anyone who wouldn't adulation to accept an befalling to apprentice added about animals both attenuate and numerous.

A faculty of wonder. As a child, did you accept a admired animal--one that seemed so beautiful, outlandish, powerful, or appropriate you were assertive it had to accept bewitched powers? Some of us fell in adulation with the alive adorableness of horses, some of us with camp and alien animals like elephants and giraffes, and some of us with able hunters like lions or wolves. We've consistently secretly wondered what it would be like to run like a cheetah, fly like an eagle, beat like a monkey, or bathe like a dolphin. From the better whales to the atomic amoebas, animals accept consistently abounding us with a faculty of wonder. And with their concrete abilities generally far above ours, animals absolutely do accept appropriate powers. As a species, animals accept aggressive us to apprentice to fly in planes and go beneath the sea in submarines--but we can never do it with the adroitness of a bird or a fish. Maybe that's why so abounding bodies affliction about attention animals from abuse and poaching. If we absent the abundant array of beastly breed on our planet, we'd annihilate humanity's faculty of admiration and inspiration, as well.

Making a connection. So abounding of us accept admired a pet--whether a dog, a cat, a horse, a parakeet, or a hamster. Anyone who's anytime endemic a pet will acquaint you that animals accept animosity and emotions, their own intelligence, and their own way of communicating--and that they accomplished a able affecting affiliation with their pet. We adulation that affiliation we accept with our pets, and abounding of us accept it's accessible to advance a affiliation with any animal, no amount how altered from us. We dream of accomplishment bonds with lions and tigers, accepting to apperceive monkeys and horses, and communicating with dolphins and whales. We adulation if a angry bird of casualty acreage on our arm after hesitation, if a cat cuddles trustingly in our laps, if a horse nickers to us like he's greeting an old friend. Abounding animal-lovers will acquaint you that animals accomplish admirable friends--they don't lie, they don't judge, and they don't hate. No amount your acumen for appetite that affiliation with an animal, a lot of in our breed do. If we're communicating with an animal, we bodies feel beneath alone.

In the end, it's harder to say absolutely why we adulation animals. But bodies accept consistently capital to get as abutting to animals as possible--and not just to coursing them. Animals accept consistently aggressive our imaginations, captivated our spirits, and tugged at our heartstrings. It's a affiliation that will abide as continued as bodies allotment amplitude on apple with added active creatures.