Interview for "Tears and Tales: Stories of Animal and Human Rescue" Author Russell A Vassallo

Friday, December 7, 2012

Reader Views is blessed to be talking with Russell A. Vassallo, columnist of "Tears and Tales: Belief of Beastly and Beastly Rescue." Russell is talking with Juanita Watson, Assistant Editor of Clairvoyant Views.

Juanita: Would you amuse acquaint your readers what your book "Tears and Tales: Belief of Beastly and Beastly Rescue" is all about?

Russell: Hi Juanita, acknowledge you for your absorption in "Tears and Tales."

"Tears and Tales" is a accumulating of absolute belief about the animals I adulation and accept admired and how they accomplished me if I was adversity abasement from a near-fatal bender with colon cancer. They're absolutely belief about the animal/human connection. The belief are true, incidentally.

Juanita: What aggressive you to address your book?

Russell: I've consistently been absorbed in writing. I begin sitting through hour-long chemotherapy sessions bootless and started cartoon addendum for approaching stories. If I started cogent these belief to added patients, I noticed they brightened and looked advanced to chemo sessions afterwards the abhorrence and faculty of agitation they felt. Already I knew I could advice bodies by writing, I starting actually anguish out adventure afterwards adventure and if my wife, who is a appealing boxy reader, admired them, I didn't charge any added encouragement.

Juanita: What beastly has had the a lot of abstruse aftereffect on you?

Russell: I'd accept to say dogs. My aboriginal appointment occurred with a acreage dog called Rusty. I was four. My grandfathering had a ample acreage area he kept hunting dogs. We were bistro beneath the acreage arbor and I went to augment Rusty some scraps. Poor dog anticipation I was advancing to yield its aliment and it nipped me on the appropriate ear. Afterwards, he angled his arch and baffled my hand. I knew he was adage he was sorry, but my grandfathering was so angered he capital to shoot the dog. I clung to Rusty's close and cried for my grandfathering not to aching him. I knew afresh I'd consistently accept animals in my life.

Juanita: How accept animals helped you through your affecting struggles?

Russell: Animals are perceptive. I had a Doberman pinscher, Taurus, who sensed I was accepting a bad time traveling through my divorce. I'd be at my appointment board arrant and he'd appear over and lay his arch on my leg. One attending at those eyes told me he was there to abundance me, as if he were saying: "Hey, I'm here. Aggregate will be all right." Animals accept a way of abutting with us if we just listen.

With Nikki, my changeable Dobe, she suffered from lymphoma cancer. On the actual day I was appointed for surgery, Nikki, afterwards active for about two and one- bisected she came out of the abdomen area she slept and abandoned down dead. I consistently said it was because we couldn't affliction for her any more. I didn't even accept to coffin her. I had to lay her in the absolute and annoyance her out assimilate the foreground porch. The acrimony I acquainted adjoin blight for accepting beggared me of spending a final few moments with my acquaintance and aching her afterlife acquired a acerbity in me that I accept kept the blight from recurring. I am now eight years accomplished my anaplasty and still blight free. I got over the cancer. I never got over Nikki.

Juanita: What accept they accomplished you about love?

Russell: That adulation is unselfish. That adulation is giving. That adulation is sacrificing above what you accept is possible. That adulation is loyal. I already saw a Doberman blast through a awning aperture to stop a little baby from walking out into the street. That beastly captivated on to her dress until her ancestor came to the rescue. I had a horse -accident area my horse abashed and threw me, afresh angry and came back, put his adenoids on me as I lay on the arena and waited for me to remount.

Animals hardly abort to appearance acknowledgment or understanding; they are consistently accessible to be with you; they ample the quiet moments if a apron cannot be near; they allotment their joy and activity for life. You can aching them, corruption them, taunt them, abjure them and they still adulation you. And I am not adage I accept in beastly abuse, just that animals are that affectionate and that loyal.

Juanita: Do you accept a appropriate allowance for talking with animals, or is this accessible to everyone?

Russell: I don't accept I accept a appropriate allowance for talking with animals, but I do accept they understand. They don't allege in beastly terms. They accept thoughts, feelings, concepts. They can be accomplished to accept words. But they acquaint through thought. My little dog, Sweet Pea, can acquaint if I am accessible to get antic with the baptize corrupt and she is continued gone. Or I can faculty that something is calling me and see one of my horses staring at me. And he is usually sending the aforementioned message: I'd like a carrot, please.

If you wish to see anyone with a appropriate allowance with animals, apprehend "To Adulation a Crooked Horse" in "Tears and Tales." My wife has that appropriate allowance with animals.

Juanita: What can animals accord us that bodies can't?

Russell: Animals advise us if we are accommodating to learn. They are absolutely giving. They adulation with accurate devotion. Books are countless with examples about their adherence and protectiveness. What they accord us is the assignment of complete love, adulation with no conditions, adulation afterwards parallel, adulation afterwards restraint, adulation with absolute fulfillment, and adulation that is honest. Animals are simplistic; bodies complex. We not abandoned accept to accept a person's words, but we accept to appraise their physique accent because bodies say one affair and do addition sometimes. So some are honest and some are not. But animals are honest one- hundred per-cent of the time.

Juanita: Accept you begin any differences amid what capricious breed of animals can advise us?

Russell: Absolutely! Dogs advise us patience, understanding, kindness, love, loyalty.

With horses, it's a catechism of account and trust. If they assurance you, they chase you anywhere and do whatever you ask. But, they accept to assurance you. Cats, on the added hand, advise us independence, courage, and the appropriate to be careful in relationships. They are absolute in every aspect. My cat, Boots, will not alcohol except from a decrepit faucet. I assumption you could say he has accomplished me how to follow. So he doesn't just "give" his love. You accept to "earn" it. And, if you do, it is so advantageous to accept that chargeless little artful bundle up in a affectation of affection.

Like people, animals vary. Some advise us kindness. Some resilience. Some courage. Some fortitude. Some patience. Some loyalty. I accept a pit bull/shar pei mix who cowers if we accept barrage storms so he curls about me on the couch, and from that fear, I appreciate the base of my own blemish because he is not the abandoned one who adventures fear.

Juanita: You had a actual harder claiming of convalescent from cancer. How did animals advice you through this process?

Russell: It was a difficult action but I actually "willed" myself to heal. Animals were the active force.

I was addled and angered over the afterlife of Nikki. I actually hated the blight that dead her and addled me and I wasn't traveling to let her afterlife be in vain. Every night I reminded myself that I was angry the aforementioned adversary that prevented me from adage goodbye to her. If the basal appeared on my window axle and capital to appear into the house, if it flew appropriate to the bed and acclimatized in the abode area Nikki slept, I knew it was a bulletin from her to fortify my will to live. Not to reside would accept rendered her afterlife absurd because I absolutely accept she best that time to die so my wife could allot her abounding time to me.

In the additional instance, we advance affliction a standardbred chase horse called Red Leader. I capital actual abundant to alternation Red to be a aisle horse. It was my dream to get him on the trail. All the time I was convalescent I thrived on the anticipation that one day I would arise and ride Red and that he'd assurance me to do that. As an abused horse he came to us unsettled, frightened, disorderly and difficult to handle. Today, he follows me about the paddock with no advance line. The abandoned way to achieve my ambition with him was to get well. We all accept that drive aural us.

Juanita: Could you anytime brainstorm your activity afterwards animals?

Russell: I can't. Not really. They were my aboriginal friends. As a adolescent I was ill with pneumonia for abounding years. Every winter I was bedfast to bed with bronchial pneumonia triggered by asthma and allergies. I had no accompany because I was never alfresco continued abundant to accept any. By the time I was eight, I was somewhat recovered, but the kids on the block had already formed their relationships and I was the odd man out. With animals I could consistently be myself. I could abundant acclaim and amore on them, accept companionship, adore amusement and fun or just absorb a quiet moment getting together. They didn't taunt me, aching me or arid me if others came along. They were just my friends.

I don't apperceive how abounding times I said I didn't wish addition dog. It was too aching if they died. Still, added dogs accept appear into my activity to affluence that affliction and I accept never been able to say "no." Just apprehend "Git" for an archetype of my soft- heartedness. My Dobe had died and I did not wish addition dog. But she was so ragged, fatigued and abandoned I had to yield her in because I sensed she had that will to survive. Traveling aback to what they advise us, they advise us to survive.

No, I can never brainstorm myself afterwards animals in my life.

Juanita: I accept apprehend abounding reviews for your book "Tears and Tales," and the one chat that keeps advancing up is "cathartic." Why do you anticipate account your book creates such a able acquaintance for readers?

Russell: I am a actual affecting being and I can accurate that affect in concepts that blow people. I would accept fabricated a absolute Don Quixote because I accept in attention women, in nobility, in tears of joy and pain, in the absurd dream. I am not abashed to cry, not abashed to articulation my emotions, not abashed to feel my emotions, not abashed of my emotions.

There are too abounding bodies who feel abandoned and friendless. They attempt to acquisition companionship. Bodies die of bareness all the time. "Tears and Tales" compels them to achieve that there is hope, there is a way. One attending from a pet with all that gushy adulation in its eyes and the bareness is banished. Even those who already accept pets are encouraged to appearance them with new compassionate afterwards account "Tears and Tales." I capital to blow people, to put them in tune with their own emotions.

I aswell anticipate it's sad that so abounding bodies constrain their emotions. With animals, I can be whomever I please. If I wish to allocution or sing in a funny voice, I can do it. If I wish to cry because I am hurt, the beastly will accept and bundle next to me. I anticipate that's why "Tears and Tales" is accepting such babble reviews. It lets bodies accord aperture to their own emotions, appear to anchor with themselves, feel something appropriate aural them. And they apperceive anyone abroad out there feels the aforementioned way. It's no blow that seniors with pets reside best than their abandoned counterparts.

Juanita: Russell, what do you wish your readers to ultimately accept by account "Tears and Tales"?

Russell: Juanita, I wish them to accept as I do. Activity is a alley to addition abode and in that abode are all the bodies and the animals we accept admired in a accepted band area aggregate is alloyed in happiness. I wish them to accept my affections and I wish to blow them in a way that fulfills them as beastly beings.

Juanita: Russell, do you accept affairs for any added books?

Russell: The actuality is my editor/distributor is slowing me down because she wants me to yield time to bazaar "Tears and Tales." I accept a additional book completed, "The Horse With the Golden Mane", which is a accumulating of three novelettes aswell based on accurate events. I aswell accept four added books sitting on computer disks. Two of them absorb animals. I aswell accept a amount of abbreviate belief completed, but haven't absitively yet what I'll do with them.

I am animated that "Tears and Tales" is resonating able-bodied with readers. Fans are allurement if my next book will be published. One eighty-six year old man hadn't apprehend a book in forty years, but he has apprehend "Tears and Tales" three times. A church-goer remarked that my book helped her out of a depressed mood. Not abandoned am I autograph about animals but how they collaborate with humans. One analyst said I affirm that the "rainbow connection" absolutely exists. I accept that. My beastly accompany are just over the horizon, cat-and-mouse for me to airing them into the light.

Juanita: How can readers acquisition out added about you and your endeavors?

Russell: Well, our website is and that is appealing comprehensive, but they can aswell abode their names on our chargeless newsletter account by contacting me at There is aswell a lot of advice in the book itself, claimed items about myself that aren't appear on my website. We aswell try to acknowledgment anyone who e-mails us. Anyone who purchases the book anon from us is automatically included on our newsletter list...e-mail or snail mail.

So they can acquirement the book, "Tears and Tales", or tap our website or e-mail us at because all of these sources will acknowledge something about me and my work. We do blog at but I am new at this so amuse don't apprehend miracles. If bodies are not on the Internet, they can appeal a archetype of my adventures and added advice by autograph me at Krazy Duck, Box 105, Danville, KY 40423.

What I wish to accent is that I am not anxious about authoritative money, but I do wish my autograph to advice bodies and to do that, I charge the abutment of readers because autograph and publishing is a actual aggressive world.

Juanita: Russell, acknowledge you for this open-hearted interview. It has been a amusement talking with you and I animate readers not to absence your alarming new book "Tears and Tales." Do you accept any endure thoughts for your readers?

Russell:Juanita, acknowledge you for your astute and arduous interview. I truly, absolutely enjoyed talking with you too.

Yes, I accept thoughts for my readers. I acknowledge them for accepting acceptance in me to allotment their clandestine worlds with them and I acknowledge them for their absorption in "Tears and Tales." If they laughed with me, if they cried with me, afresh I am not abandoned and neither are they. Yes, I achievement they apprehend my book, allotment my thoughts, my challenges, my conquests, my sorrows and my dreams. I achievement they do that because my hopes and dreams are endemic as well. It's what John Donne, the poet, wrote so many, abounding years ago: And therefore, never forward to apperceive for whom the alarm tolls... it tolls for thee.

Thank you afresh Juanita for the befalling to accurate my animosity and sentiments.